The How, When, Where, and Why of Dental Implant Restoration

Dental implants are forever, right? Well, yes and no, but to understand why it's not an easy question to answer, you must first understand how implants operate, when you might need to restore dental implants, and why it is necessary to restore them if you have already had them placed in your mouth.

Here at Santa Teresa Dental in Morgan Hill, Dr. Andrew Huang and Dr. Ann Lien want to ensure that their patients are well-informed about any permanent or semi-permanent solution to missing teeth. Being well-informed helps patients make the right choices for their mouths and their individual needs. If you have a dental implant, or you are considering dental implants, there's more to know about dental implant restoration than you might have guessed.

Dental Implant Restoration Information You Need to Know

Dental implants, for the most part, are very durable. However, there are certain instances where a dental implant can be damaged or be in danger of falling out. Those instances include:

  • Blunt force trauma to your mouth or jaw, usually as a result of being hit hard or an accident
  • Older implants that were made with lesser quality materials than modern implants
  • Broken jaw
  • Necrosis of gum tissue due to cancer or disease
  • Bone loss as a result of aging, disease, or poor oral hygiene
  • Very severe and irreversible gum disease

In most of the above instances, it is possible to repair the damage and restore dental implants to the way they were before. In n cases such as bone loss or severe and irreversible gum disease, restoring an implant may not be possible.

How Our Dentists Restore Dental Implants

An assessment is made of both the current implant and the surrounding bone and gum tissue. If it looks like restoration is possible, you will be scheduled for the procedure. Then either Dr. Huang or Dr. Ann will numb that side of your mouth, remove the old implant, and replace it with a new abutment screw. The crown of the implant will be fashioned in a lab and inserted later.

Are You Ready to Restore Dental Implants in Your Mouth?

If you are ready to have one or more implants in your mouth restored, contact Dr. Huang or Dr. Lien at Santa Teresa Dental in Morgan Hill today and schedule a consultation!