Full Mouth Reconstruction to Improve Oral Health

You may realize that there are many changes you would like to happen with your smile. If you have multiple modifications you hope for, you can speak with our team at Santa Teresa Dental in Gilroy about the improvements you desire. A full mouth reconstruction may be a good match since this approach uses a combination of procedures for a complete makeover.

A full mouth rehabilitation includes a detailed plan created just for your smile. This treatment is designed to replace missing teeth, repair damaged teeth, and deal with jaw and gum damage. Once it is complete, you will have an improved appearance, enhanced oral function, and increased health benefits.

When to Schedule Full Mouth Reconstruction

Every person does not need to alter the look of their smile. If the only service you need is a filling or a crown replacement, a comprehensive transformation is not needed. Yet, a full mouth rehabilitation can be a perfect choice if you have considerable decay, damage, or misalignment issues.

The Benefits of Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction can resolve the significant dental issues influencing your oral health. Many people see the treatment as a second chance for an attractive, healthy smile. Here are some of the benefits that come with getting this treatment.

Improved Dental Conditions With Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Severe tooth loss or extreme damage can challenge your ability to eat and speak well. You may feel frustrated when others cannot understand what you are saying. Also, you may get upset that you cannot chew the foods you want to eat. Rather than continuing this way, you can get a full reconstruction to improve your condition and get more enjoyment from life.

Increased Health Using Full Mouth Rehabilitation

At Santa Teresa Dental, we know there is a connection between your oral health and overall well-being. By keeping your mouth healthy and clean, they can ensure that the rest of your body has extra defense against sickness and disease. You can help your immune system protect your body by preventing illnesses from poor dental habits. A full rehabilitation can reduce your risk of stroke, lung infections, heart disease, and even cancer.

Schedule a Full Mouth Rehabilitation Today

At Santa Teresa Dental, we provide numerous treatments to repair or replace your teeth. Our services include dental implants, bridges, crowns, dentures, veneers, and more. To ensure you get the best possible assistance, we can combine these procedures for a full rehabilitation.

Our approach will get customized to your needs, and we will ensure you understand everything about our strategy before we begin. To get started with this process, please contact us and schedule an appointment.