High-Power Treatment Accessories

Electronic Drug Interaction Check

Using one of the fastest and most efficient online databases available, the doctors of Santa Teresa Dental are able to ensure treatment and medication safety with fast, reliable drug interaction analysis.

Within minutes we can check for:

  • drug information
  • potential interactions
  • effects of medications on bleeding and/or dental treatment

It further ensures your safety and that of your loved ones.

High Definition Magnification

All dentists may wear the special glasses called Loupes, but at Santa Teresa Dental we choose only high definition magnification.

HD magnification ensures that the doctor sees the crispest and sharpest images as well as precise colors, which is especially critical when performing cosmetic cases.

Additionally, the HD magnification provides superior focus over a larger area of the mouth further ensuring superior dentistry.

Isolite Mouthpiece

At Santa Teresa Dental, you will find that the seemingly smallest details to ensure superior patient comfort and care are considered.

When you undergo dental care, it is likely that we will use a special mouthpiece. This soft, flexible, and comfortable device ensures that your cheeks and tongue are well protected, the area of the mouth being treated is extremely well lit and the doctor is able to perform the procedure much more quickly, efficiently, and comfortably.

Cosmetic Procedures in a “Snap”

If you are considering cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening, veneers, implants or other techniques designed to improve your smile, at Santa Teresa Dental you can see what your smile will look like before you ever invest a dime or an hour of your time.

Using a specially designed system called Snap, we can show you almost instantly how you will look with a beautifully transformed smile.

Patient Education and Information

Would you like a bit more information about the treatment the doctor is recommending?

Santa Teresa Dental utilizes the most patient-friendly treatment education system in the marketplace, known as Spear Patient Education. With Spear Patient Education, you can access information on recommended treatment from virtually anywhere, in the practice reception area using DVD videos; in the treatment room using a combination of multimedia animations, patient images, and the doctor’s own notes and illustrations. Additionally, customized playlists of educational videos and animations can be emailed directly to you or accessed on the practice website.

And, since Santa Teresa Dental is a wireless office, patient education can be viewed on the iPad.