Communication Tools

Electronic Forms and Records

Our online patient forms make it easy for you to complete the necessary paperwork, such as health history forms and insurance information, at your convenience before you come into the office. It’s as easy as answering a few questions and clicking send. We’ll take it from there.

What’s more! With electronic patient records, we can almost instantly submit the necessary information to your insurance company about the treatment you receive helping to expedite payment for your care.

Email and Text Message Communication

We know our patients are busy people with active families and demanding jobs. With a simple text message or email, we’ll help you to manage your busy lives and your family’s to ensure that when it comes to your oral health, those important appointments are kept. Our email and text message communications enable you to confirm your appointments quickly and easily and alert you to openings in the schedule that enable you to schedule an appointment promptly when necessary.

24/7 Access

With Santa Teresa Dental, you have round–the–clock secure access to your personal patient information.

View upcoming appointments, treatment plans, and account balances. You can even make online payments and request appointments.