Extreme Fear and Sedation Levels

What if I am extremely fearful?

While conscious sedation is an excellent option for the vast majority of patients that suffer from treatment anxiety, in some cases, those who experience extreme fear of dental treatment, dental phobia, would have the option of receiving treatment under general anesthesia, meaning the patient is unconscious during treatment.

This is different from conscious sedation in that the patient is in a heightened relaxed state but is still able to respond to basic commands.

If you believe that you suffer from dental phobia talk to Dr. Huang about whether general anesthesia may be appropriate for you.

So, there are different types or levels of sedation?

Santa Teresa Dental utilizes two levels of sedation as well as nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas.

  • Conscious Sedation

    This is a minimally depressed level of sedation whereby the patient maintains his/her own airway and reflexes and has the ability to respond to physical and verbal stimuli.

    This level of sedation provides a deeper state of relaxation. It often includes medication the night before an appointment, before the appointment, and during the appointment. Dr. Huang is licensed by the State of California to administer Adult Oral Conscious Sedation.

  • General Anesthesia

    This level of sedation renders a patient unconscious. It is generally known as sleep dentistry.

    Santa Teresa Dental has partnered with Dr. Alex Targ & Dr. Michael Lam, two highly-experienced Board Certified General Anesthesiologists to provide Sleep Dentistry to both adults and children. Dr. Targ & Dr. Lam use the highest quality equipment in a precise, safe manner and state-of-the-art monitoring to ensure that sedated patient is asleep, comfortable, and safe during the entire procedure and after. By partnering with medical anesthesiologists, patients and parents often avoid expensive hospital facility fees.