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Frequently Asked Questions

We perform a comprehensive examination at your initial visit which includes:

  • reviewing your medical history
  • checking your medications with a sophisticated online database
  • taking your blood pressure
  • evaluating head and neck soft tissues
  • screening for oral cancer
  • performing cavity detection
  • discussing gum disease, and
  • taking necessary records such as digital x-rays, teeth and bite models, and intraoral images

We then develop a treatment plan that serves as a road map to help you achieve optimum dental health.

Once all treatments are completed, we will recommend a proper re-care schedule to maintain your optimal dental health.

Please bring

  • the subscriber’s employer information
  • your dental insurance card
  • the subscriber’s identification information including their date of birth
  • the insurance contact person at the insured’s place of employment, and
  • any insurance benefits booklet that you may have

You may also want to call your insurance company to get the benefit breakdown before your appointment. You can use our insurance questionnaire as a guide.

Studies have shown time after time that there is a strong connection between your oral health and your overall health.

Some medical conditions, as well as the medications that you take routinely, may affect your oral condition and alter the bleeding tendency.

Some medical issues may restrict local anesthesia and dental material usage, saliva chemistry, and more.

We would like to review your overall health at every visit and take your blood pressure if needed. We are your partner in helping you to achieve optimal health.

A full mouth series of 18 individual digital radiographs is required for all new adult patients. If you have recent radiographs taken at other provider’s office, we would need to receive a readable copy prior to your new patient appointment.

Check-up radiographs, which include a set of 7 individual radiographs, are taken at some periodic check-up visits to help detect new dental problems. Frequency of it is based on an individual’s need and assessed by the provider at every visit.  

A thorough, comprehensive examination cannot be completed without x-rays. X-rays aid in the detection and diagnosis of common dental problems such as periodontal disease, tooth decay, abscesses, or failing restorations.

We make every effort to provide all patients with timely and convenient appointments.

Our doctors value the one-on-one interactions with our patients and look forward to the reserved time with each individual. Moreover, considerable effort goes into preparing the dental team for your specific appointment.

It is for those reasons that we ask you to respect the time that has been reserved specifically for you and your care. We ask that you make every effort to keep all of your scheduled appointments.

If unforeseeable circumstances arise, and it is impossible for you to make the appointment, please kindly give us 48 business hours notice, so we may offer that time to another patient.

We sincerely appreciate your assistance, and we look forward to seeing you at your next appointment.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!