Sedation Dentistry for Children Morgan Hill, CA

The sights, the sounds, the smells, and the separation can make many children fearful and anxious when they visit the dentist office.

Some children because of their age, other medical reasons, or past negative experiences cannot tolerate any dental procedures. It is for these children that Santa Teresa Dental has partnered with Dr. Alex Targ and Dr. Michael Lam, two highly experienced Board Certified General Anesthesiologist to provide sleep dentistry for children.

In the past, children requiring deep sedation would have to be treated in a hospital setting at considerably higher expense and significantly more stress for both the children and the parents. However, our partnership with Dr. Targ and Dr. Lam enables healthy children to receive necessary dental care without fear or anxiety and in the comfort of our dental office.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Targ and Dr. Lam specialize in treating children and uses the highest quality equipment in a precise, safe manner and state-of-the-art monitoring to ensure your child is asleep, comfortable, and safe during the entire procedure and after.

The California Dental Board tightly regulates who may provide dental anesthesia and enforces detailed, stringent standards stating what special anesthesia equipment and drugs must be present. Both Dr. Targ and Dr. Lam consistently surpass these standards.

Dr. Targ and Dr. Lam use the most advanced, compact, hospital grade equipment and monitors.

At the time of the dental appointment, the parent usually walks the child to the procedure area. The child sits in the parent’s lap and goes to sleep by taking a few breaths of a bubble gum flavored gas.

After the parent returns to the waiting area, Dr. Targ or Dr. Lam painlessly starts a child-sized intravenous line, attaches the monitoring equipment, and administers the anesthetic to the required level.

At the end of the procedure, Dr. Ann will meet you in the waiting area and discuss what was done. Dr. Targ or Dr. Lam will continue monitoring your child, and reunite the two of you as soon your child begins to wake up.

Although your child may be grumpy for a little while, there are no long-term side effects.

For additional information about Dr. Targ and deep sedation for children, click here. Learn more about Dr. Lam here.