How Can CariVu and Spectra Help Find My Cavities?

How Can CariVu and Spectra Help Find My Cavities?

At Santa Teresa Dental, we are committed to providing our patients with exceptional care, and one of the ways we do that is by investing in the latest dental technologies. Our CariVu and Spectra caries detectors allow us to identify tooth decay in its earliest stages, preventing the need for involved treatments down the road. We are all about maintaining healthy, beautiful smiles for a lifetime!

What Is CariVu and How Does It Work?

DEXIS CariVu is a portable caries detection device that has taken the dental world by storm. Its transillumination technology detects cracks and lesions resulting from tooth decay by hugging each tooth and bathing it in a safe, near-infrared light. Healthy tooth enamel appears translucent in the images captured, but decay shows up as dark areas. That’s because the decayed areas of the enamel are porous, so they absorb more of the light. Using this innovative technology, we are able to see the actual structures of any carious lesions or cracks with incredible accuracy. 

What Is Spectra and How Does It Work

CamX Spectra is a hand-held intra-oral camera that helps eliminate the guesswork in diagnosing tooth decay early on. The revolutionary non-invasive technology detects tooth decay on the biting surfaces of a tooth by measuring increased light-induced fluorescence. By projecting high-energy LED lights onto the tooth surfaces, cavities become more visible. The device can even detect decay in fissures and smooth surfaces that may go unnoticed in x-ray images. It is an incredibly beneficial tool for detecting decay hidden between existing composite and amalgam restorations. 

Spectra identifies bacteria on the tooth surfaces. We’re able to display images on a screen so you can see the areas with decay for yourself. The innovative device relies on color-coding. Healthy tooth enamel will glow green, while areas of decay will appear red. Spectra not only helps detect cavities early on but also lets us know if we removed all the decay after treatment. 

What Are the Benefits of CariVu and Spectra?

CariVu and Spectra are quick, non-invasive, and painless alternative diagnostic methods to detect decay, cavities, and fissures early on without the need for traditional dental x-rays. We can save the images we capture so we can carefully monitor any suspicious areas over time. We are also able to address tooth decay and cavities in their earliest stages when easiest to treat. That ensures that you maintain more of your natural, healthy tooth structure. 

Being able to visualize the health of your teeth, see any areas of decay, and understand how extensive it may be, will help you make informed decisions about your oral health. Moreover, many of our patients are encouraged to maintain meticulous oral hygiene practices at home when they can actually see the healthy as well as the unhealthy areas of their teeth.

Non-Invasive Caries Detection in Morgan Hill, CA

Contact Santa Teresa Dental to learn more about our non-invasive CariVu and Spectra caries detectors. Our team is committed to utilizing cutting-edge technology for exceptional patient care and long-term healthy smiles. Call us and schedule your appointment today!