A Smile Makeover Will Help Look Your Best

If you want to make some major changes to your smile, you may want to investigate reconstructive dentistry. This form of dentistry entails several procedures that can correct an overbite or underbite, repair damage to the gums and jawline, and replace or replace damaged teeth. Some reconstructive procedures can even treat and prevent oral diseases to keep your overall health intact.

When you visit a dentist, they will likely perform standard treatments to clean your teeth and gums. However, if there are multiple dental issues to address, a knowledgeable dentist who is trained in dental reconstruction can help you get the smile you've always wanted. Dr. Andrew Huang and Dr. Ann Lien at Santa Teresa Dental are here to provide patients in the Morgan Hill area with expert services that will help them look and feel their best.

The Philosophy Behind the Smile Makeover

Santa Teresa Dental in Morgan Hill, CA offers several dental services that are designed to meet your health and aesthetic needs. Dr. Huang or Dr. Lien will assess your dental needs and give you recommendations for restoring the look and function of your teeth. When your smile is restored and your gums and oral cavity are property treated, toxic bacteria is removed from the mouth which keeps the toxins from traveling to other areas of the body. Restoring your smile can also improve the way you chew and swallow food which ensures you're taking in all the nutrients you need from your meals.

Learning About the Smile Makeover Procedure

While all your dental issues will be assessed thoroughly during your exam, Dr. Huang and Dr. Lien may recommend a complete smile restoration. The process will correct any oral problems and rehabilitate the look and function of your mouth.

You'll likely have more than one consultation for your smile makeover and look at several photos of Dr. Huang's and Dr. Lien’s work so you can get a realistic idea of how your smile will look before and after the procedure(s). Once you come up with a treatment plan with Dr. Huang or Dr. Lien, you'll schedule subsequent appointments to start addressing one section of your mouth at a time.

What to Expect Between Smile Makeover Procedures

During each phase of the smile restoration phase, you'll wear temporary tooth restorations while Dr. Huang or Dr. Ann Lien creates permanent restorations for you. Total smile restoration can take up to a year, but it may take longer or shorter depending on your dental needs and makeover preferences.

Dr. Huang's and Dr. Lien’s extensive training in mouth reconstruction, including a fellowship with a prosthodontist, gives them the experience and know-how to give you a smile that will make you feel more confident. Make an appointment today at Santa Teresa Dental to find out how to get the smile of your dreams.