Restore Dental Implants for a Happier Smile

All-on-4s are the new trend in dentistry when it comes to replacing missing teeth. If you are one of the many still living without any teeth in either the top, bottom, or both jaws, this may be the ideal solution for you.

Why Choose Dental Implant Restoration?

With the innovative techniques used in All-on-4s, you are able to have all-new teeth while eliminating the need for dentures, which are oftentimes uncomfortable and take a considerable amount of maintenance. And some types of implants necessitate so many individual components that it becomes an untenable hassle. But it only takes as few as four pieces with dental implants to create a completed edentulous arch — the dental arch that the mandible teeth create, sometimes also known as the inferior dental arch.

You don't have to go in for a long series of appointments when you restore dental implants, either. This is a simple operation that only takes a single appointment to complete. Usually, the surgery will last about two hours.

How Dental Implants Work

This is a procedure that involves the insertion of implants into the bone of your jaw. After that, fixed dentures are affixed to these implants, which serve as the perfect replacement for the teeth that you were missing.

The implant itself is a post that serves as an artificial replacement for the roots of the teeth. These are generally made of titanium, but zirconium or similarly sturdy types of materials may be used as well.

The two parts that make up this procedure are the implant and the restoration. Implants are the parts that take the place of your tooth roots. The restoration is there to replace the tooth itself.

Much of the time, an implant will be fitted with a crown, but this is not the only option. It is also possible for implants to provide a solid foundation for everything from dentures to bridges.

Dental Implant Restoration Advantages

When it comes to finding a viable replacement for your missing teeth, dental implants are oftentimes the ideal solution. With this type of permanent dentures, you get to treat them exactly the same way you would your normal teeth — brushing, flossing, and chewing as usual.

There are numerous benefits when you choose to restore dental implants. For one thing, it is not necessary to ever remove these restorations. You also don't need any form of adhesive to keep them securely in place.

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